Michael Foster

White Earth

As a consultant to Mark Goldman & Associates, I prepared conceptual floor plans and a digital massing model for the early planning phase of a Native American justice and corrections center in Minnesota. The drawings were based on space lists, adjacency diagrams, and sketches produces by the planning team in close coordination with Tribal leaders. They show a justice complex designed to meet the needs of the Tribe and three nearby counties for years to come, with several housing units, courtrooms, administrative offices, and many other components.

White Earth Aerial Render

White Earth - Aerial View of Model

White Earth Site Plan

The overall plan at left shows the scope and level of detail of the project. The design called for two different phases of construction. The first included most of the offender housing, in-custody program space, and staff support functions; the second phase added courtrooms and non-custody program spaces, and increased housing capacity.

White Earth - Overall Floor Plan

White Earth - Enlarged Plan of Housing Unit A

White Earth - Enlarged Plan of Housing Unit B

Tule River

As part of a team on another project with Mark Goldman & Associates, I drafted a preliminary schematic design package for a Native American Tribal Justice Center in California. At just over 50,000 square feet, the future center will house public courts, holding cells for both adult and juvenile offenders, training and support spaces for staff and the Tribal Sheriff's Department, and multiple Public Safety offices.

Tule River - Main Elevation

As preliminary schematic documents, the drawings convey the overall scope of the project and the Tribe's approved organization of spaces and uses on the site. The drawing set includes a site plan, upper and lower level floor plans, building elevations, and sections, all of which were included in an RFP prepared by MGA to serve as early bridging documents.

Tule River Site Plan

Tule River - Site Plan

Tule River Section

Tule River - Transverse Section

Tule River - First Level Floor Plan